Want to feel knowledgeable and informed? Able to respond to problems that arise in working with teens? Capable of truly helping?

Hiring me will improve your capacity to take action when answering the needs of adolescents. I have led over 250 workshops in the US and abroad and presented at conferences and workshops on the local, national and international level. You can request a specific topic or choose from any one of the following:

  • Substance Use Trends
  • How Much Is Too Much?
  • Influence of Family History
  • Sexuality and  Drinking and Drugging
  • Violence and ATOD
  • Youth At-Risk
  • Cultural Competency Norms & Issues
  • Academic Implications Related To Use

The power of dialogue-driven, caring relationships between adults and young people is what drives my work. I directed a social science research project for nearly ten years that isolated variables contributing to a child’s resilience in the face of hardship (Apsler et al. 2006). The value of working towards a world where kids needs are met cannot be underestimated.

I am committed to the principles of family empowerment, youth development, social justice and human rights.

Here’s what workshop participants have to say:

The workshop was great- people asked many good questions- it easily could have been two hours!

I loved your talk last night.

I get so shy in those kinds of things. But I loved to hear your thoughts and insights.

Great material for me to hold on to.

Very well done, thoughtful, and hopeful! Bravo!

A short list of presentations I have given:

ALCOHOL AND DRUG EDUCATION: A SYSTEM AT WAR WITH ITSELInternational Conference to Reduce Harm, Belfast, Northern Ireland


HARM REDUCTION WITH MIDDLE GRADE STUDENTS National Harm Reduction Coalition, Seattle, WA

A NEW APPROACH TO ALCOHOL AND DRUG EDUCATION The Universalist Unitarian’s General Assembly, Boston, MA

THE ROLE OF RESILIENCY National Network for Youth, Washington, DC

DRUG AND ALCOHOL TREATMENT IN THE SCHOOL SETTING Harvard School of Addictions Conference, Boston, MA