Recently, Motherlode, a NYTimes blog on parenting, posted this article: How Parents Handle Teenage Drinking. I was invited to respond. Mike Winerip selected the most interesting and useful responses to facilitate the conversation and my comment was chosen.

I’m relieved and pleased that attention is being paid to the topic of teen drinking. Forums like this one are a great place to join in the conversation. It is rare that public dialogue permits the validity of multiple perspectives even though it is often the best way for parents to feel more informed. We need to remember that ‘Just Say No’ is a myth and that talking with one another is important.

Parents as Active Players

What do we do for our kids when they are having a hard time?

Often we don’t know who to go to, we feel isolated and the response from our kids might lead us to feel like we’re failures.

Even if your kids don’t tell you, I am here to let you know that parents do have an impact. Here’s a great resource that sums up the latest in a longstanding body of research that supports that parents do make a difference. It comes from the Treatment Research Institute dedicated to reducing the impact of addiction by employing scientific methods and disseminating evidence-based information.