“I met with Rosie during a very difficult time during my final year in college. The pressure of finishing school and an uncertain social life took it’s toll and I found myself in an intense depression that kept me from class, from friends, and at times from leaving my bedroom. I’d never felt so much pain and loneliness, but Rosie offered her professional and personal help during this time. I met with her and she helped me work out some of the problems I was struggling with in an effort to shed some light on why I felt  so terrible. By talking through some major influences in my life from a new perspective, her neutrality and feedback gave me comfort that I wasn’t indeed “tainted”. This understanding and openness I think was a big part in helping me. Rosie is warm, approachable, understanding, and helpful. I would recommended that anyone speak with her in order to gain helpful insights into the problems they face.”-Robert, age 22 years old

“When our family was in need of support and guidance during a difficut time, Rosie delivered warm, caring, thoughtful counseling to all of us. We live in a small community and had concerns about confidentiality and privacy  with discussing sensitive topics.”  Ellen, mother of a 17 year old

“During my teen years, I found myself using ATOD for a variety of reasons, some that were known to me and others that were not. Looking back on it all now, I am able to see things more clearly, but during that time, Rosie provided me with invaluable insight and nonjudgmental listening, which I desperately needed in that part of my life. Rosie’s ability to make me feel comfortable disclosing information, allowed me to talk about what substances I was experimenting with, both dangerous and benign, without feeling like I was being judged. However, she always made it clear that any information I told her that was harmful to myself or to others, would have to be shared to the appropriate people. Rosie was also able to ask provoking questions that enabled me to understand why I was doing certain things and also to question why I was behaving a certain way. This insight, planted a seed that I was able to fully uncover on my own time and which also brought about an awareness that was not there before.” –Rebecca, age 26 years old