Articles that could promote conversation with teens about pot smoking

Here are two articles that could be used in conversation with teenagers, those who smoke and those who don’t.  The first one is a recent study on the danger of smoking marijuana under the age of 18. The second one is a retort, a rather smart one, that questions the validity of the study. They both raise certain and important questions.

Are there costs that adults and teens have underestimated? If so, what are they really? What investment do we continue to have in drawing attention to these costs, despite what adults and teens experience? What might be ignored if we accept that many teens will smoke regardless of the ‘dangers’? What is the goal of knowing-really knowing-more about the human interest in altering mindstates?

Parents as Active Players

What do we do for our kids when they are having a hard time?

Often we don’t know who to go to, we feel isolated and the response from our kids might lead us to feel like we’re failures.

Even if your kids don’t tell you, I am here to let you know that parents do have an impact. Here’s a great resource that sums up the latest in a longstanding body of research that supports that parents do make a difference. It comes from the Treatment Research Institute dedicated to reducing the impact of addiction by employing scientific methods and disseminating evidence-based information.