Concerned that a teen in your life might be using alcohol and/or marijuana DESPITE your wanting them to choose otherwise?

By the time adolescents reach their senior year of high school in the US, most of them will have had their first drink, their first drunk and their first high.

“Rosie provided a safe haven for us, and her personality put all of us at ease. We were impressed with her knowledge of substance use and teenage behavior. Our son was very comfortable talking with Rosie, and her counseling influenced all of us.” ~Ellen, a mother of a 17 year old

I am a counselor/educator that you can trust.

I have worked with families and children for over 25 years, specifically in the field of substance use disorders (ATOD). I offer alternatives to the “abstinence only” model and accept the following:

  • The use of marijuana and alcohol is common among teens.
  • Drug prevention programs fail families whose children decide to use.
  • We need to listen to our kids when we’re attempting to come up with consequences for their behaviors.
  • Young people have knowledge and experience that we don’t.
  • Severe punishment doesn’t work.

“Rosie’s ability to make me feel comfortable disclosing information, allowed me to talk about what substances I was experimenting with, both dangerous and benign, without feeling like I was being judged.” ~Rebecca, age 26 years old

I will be honest with you about the true dangers your teen might be facing.

In abandoning the belief that our kids will remain abstinent through their adolescence, teens are freer to be themselves with us. Permitting them to be honest, helps us keep them safe, and determine if use is even “the issue”. We then are better able to meet their needs and equip them with the skills and information they need to make healthy choices.
Our society does not offer families options for teens who do decide to use, but I do.

You can call me to make an appointment. The initial consultation is free of charge.